Does The Elliptical Work Your Abs? | Find Out The Answer

The Abs and the core are the main focus of exercising since people aspire to have a thin waist to outline their fitness. And many individuals don’t consider using the elliptical machine for ab work-outs, but with a proper elliptical exercise, people can help to strengthen the abs.

Toned abs not only improve a person’s appearance but also is a major contributor to stabilize the core muscles.

So, people might have this question popping up in their minds that “does the elliptical work your abs?”

The answer can be found here, a strong and firm ab is crucial in apparently all movements. It helps in good body posture and decreasing the risk of excruciating back pain. There are ways to work-out to engage the abs using the elliptical, here are a few suggestions for elliptical work-out for abs:

Does The Elliptical Work Your Abs

Do Ellipticals Work Abs

Vary Work-Outs

Just doing the same manual work-out all the time is not enough, one should try out the pre-programmed exercises. For example, interval training and interactive heart rate sessions. That, in turn, challenges the body differently and pushes you to adjust to it.

Try Work-Out Boosters

Some elliptical trainers have unique work-out boosters, like X-mode, which constitute one-minute intervals of different types of moves like lean back, squat, go in reverse and many more. These short exercises can keep abs warmed-up.

Take On Cross Circuit

This is another special feature of Octane ellipticals, cross circuits initialize short intervals of strength training workouts along with cardio sessions on the machine.

Which is an efficient way to target the abs with particular exercises that a user chooses and gain benefits from effective cardio and strength training at the same time?

Core Exercises

A user should try following a routine that involves exercises like planks, crunches, and twists. Pilates and yoga are good ways to work the core & abs as well.

Contact a trainer or online to make a range of one’s ab work-outs, and vary the exercises according to the time intervals to integrate more progress.

Strength Training

Strength training is not enough as a calorie burner; it toughens the muscles and boosts the body’s metabolism. And a faster metabolism means more, that can be drawn from the belly fat.

Keep focusing on the muscle groups multiple time every week to get the best results.


Regular cardiovascular exercise use-up calories by burning out body fat. The body fat is situated on top of the muscles, so if the user wants washboard abs, losing fat is the first thing to do.

At first, the user must wear a heart rate monitor and stay in the target zone and follow intervals for better results.

This article also sheds a light on elliptical under 1000 dollars, which might as well give users a good idea about the question that arises from time to time, “is the elliptical a good work-out for the abs?”.

There’s one great elliptical trainer named Horizon EX-59-02, which costs under $800. And has a high rating for performance and pricing with 4.5 stars.

To get the maximum benefit when exercising on an elliptical machine is to stand up straight. First, the user should put attention to stabilize the core muscles by pulling the abdominal muscles inwards. And leaning towards the elliptical trainer or resting over the handles can result in the shoulders to droop forward.

Bad posture decreases the efficiency of the exercise for the abdomens and also puts unwanted strain on the back muscles.

If the user finds it difficult to maintain good posture, reduce the resistance or slow down the stride. The user should also try to keep the hands by one’s sides, despite the fact that it’s acceptable to hold onto the handles for balance.

It’s important to look straight ahead to avoid straining the neck and back. Elevating the resistance and speed of the elliptical work-outs will need more work from the core muscles, to keep the body balanced as the user tries to maintain proper form.

Just increase the difficulty of your exercise as the tolerance increases so, the users continue to maintain correct form and posture.

The Verdict

Whereas by using an elliptical trainer work-out the abdominal muscles, these trainers do not provide comprehensive work-out for those muscles.

The addition of strength training to the cardiovascular exercises will toughen each muscle group even more, including the abdominal muscles. Weight machines also work efficiently.

Ultimately, all these facts prove that elliptical trainers are good for abs. Hope you don’t have any confusion about Does the Elliptical work your Abs or not?


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