Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table Review

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table is one of the greatest devices for reducing back pain, reducing stress, and improving blood circulation and changing posture. This inversion table also helpful for anyone who loves fitness and determines to stay fit. This inversion table creates a 180-degree inversion which gives a total stretch over the body. The gravity pressure also helps in this process of inversion. The inversion table helps to improve the posture, the sweat, and increase of breath while using the inversion table helps to lose weight and control blood pressure.

Overall this inversion table is a complete package of exercise, one using this device for fitness purposes does not need any other device to use. The inversion table is overall the best device in the recent time.

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table Review

Tubular Steel Frame

The inversion table structure is made of steel. That means the primary structure, the framework of the table is made of steel. The tubular steel makes the inversion table strong and secure to use. This fantastic feature makes the inversion table protected for all to use. This steel frame also makes the inversion table very light in weight.

Five-point adjustment system

The five-point adjustable system makes the inversion table usable for a vast number of people. The adjustable pins are for adjustment wight the height of the user. From 4 foot 10 inch to 6 foot 6-inch tall person can use the table with the help of this adjustable pin.

Ankle cushions

Ankle cushion is for extra comfort and security. The ankle cushion helps to lock the ankle properly. The ankle is secured with this ankle cushions. That indicates that the inversion technique is secure. The ankle roller also gives comfort to the user’s ankle, it prevents from further pain in the ankle and helps to continue with a great exercising schedule.

Capacity Ironman Fitness Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

The Ironman fitness gravity 1000 inversion table is very high in the capacity. The highest weight capacity of this inversion table is 300 pounds. This inversion table can take 4 foot 10 inch to 6 foot 6-inch tall person. The inversion technique will be easy with a person in this range. This inversion table can also invert up to 180 degrees. This inversion creates full stretch over the body.

Ironman Gravity 1000 Features

  • The measures of the inversion table 25 x 62 x 49 inches (W x H x D).
  • This inversion table is easy to folds for storage.
  • The inversion table comes with a tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers.
  • Powder-coated finish gives the inversion table a great shine.
  • This inversion table with nylon backrest makes the inversion comfortable.


  • The inversion table is easy to fold and store.
  • Rubber floor stabilizer makes inversion noise free.
  • Its rubber matt protects the floor from scratch.
  • This inversion table can give a maximum stretch to the user.
  • This table has a nice grip in the handlebar.


  • The inversion table doesn’t have any adjustable strap attach.
  • The inversion table needs adjustment in arrival.


Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table is one of the most effective inversion tables for back pain patient and fitness lovers. The inversion table is great for anyone and it is very easy to use. The features of the inversion table is easy and modern at the same time. This inversion table is under $200 and the features are better than most of the tables in the market. For this reason, the Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table review is quite good in the market.

The use of 180-degree inversion is also appreciable and unique. This total inversion is essential to release the pain. The upside-down position makes the blood flow even in the whole body. Ironman fitness gravity 1000 inversion table is in total is a must needed device for a fitness lover and at the same time, this works like a magic in a back pain patient.


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