How To Use An Elliptical Machine – Read Expert Opinion

The elliptical machine is one of the popular fitness equipment. It let you burn about 270-400 calories in only 30 minutes. Also, provides you a low-impact workout. Due to it lets you use plenty of muscles, it is called the powerhouse of cardio equipment. Elliptical machines build muscles in calves, quads, and glutes.

When using the handle actively, it works your back, chest, and arms. The more amount of muscle working, the more calories you will be able to burn. A majority percent of users misuse the elliptical machine. The results of this equipment depending on its usage. If you are a new user, take time to learn how to use the machine properly. This will help you to get a safe workout and better results.

How to use elliptical trainers

Correct Position

  • Step into the machine carefully. Hold the handlebar and then place your feet on the pedal.
  • Some elliptical machine comes with the oversized pedal. The more space provides you comfort. But, there is a possibility to tilt feet and can go in the wrong way. That’s why you should place the feet parallel with the pedal edge to avoid this occurrence.
  • To use the elliptical machine properly, keep your spine straight while using it. Tuck abdominal and push a little bit forward your pelvis. Keep the head upright and face forward that will help your posture.
  • Usually, the elliptical machine provides two armbar set. You can hold a stationary handlebar to maintain balance. Besides, you can use a moving handlebar while exercising the upper body. But, remember that you should grip the handlebar lightly. Holding tightly is a great mistake. Move your shoulder down and back slightly. A little bit bend elbows to get smooth motion.

Start Moving

  • Slightly turn your knees. Don’t lock your knees because it makes you uncomfortable and could hurt you while using the machine. The legs will move on the elliptical path as you pedal on the machine.
  • Some elliptical machines provide incline control. Usually, the machine allows you to adjust resistance. It is important because it helps you to use the machine comfortably and get your muscles worked. Incline increasing is helpful for glutes and hamstrings. Besides, the increase of resistance is good for calves working.
  • You should continue the elliptical training for about 20-30 minutes to get better results. Each session you can spend the same amount of time. The expert recommends that three times in a week is perfect for elliptical exercising.

Use All Features

  • Almost all the elliptical machine provides a heart rate monitor. Some come with wireless heart rate monitor. It let you track your heart rate and you will see the data which help you to use the machine more effectively. Also, you can exercise with your targeted heart rate level.
  • Some elliptical machines provide a preset workout. That change incline and resistance automatically. Some elliptical machine lets you download new workout and interactive training from their official website. But, you should concentrate more on the elliptical workout because it will give you an amazing result. Even, you will be surprised when seeing improvement of your own body.
  • Many elliptical machines provide both forward and reverse motions that are a great advantage for your exercise. Because using the equipment in both directions is very helpful for your muscle building.

Benefits of elliptical machines

Whole-body workout

The elliptical machine allows you to work out both the upper and lower body. All muscles of the bodywork together while exercising on this fitness equipment. Besides, improves the strength of the bone. Also, it is able to burn more calories within short times. You can exercise on the elliptical machine both sitting and standing.

Different exercise

The elliptical machine allows you to do different types of exercise such as running, jogging, walking, climbing, etc. at different levels of intensity. Also, you can track your heart rate using a heart rate monitoring feature of the machine where you can monitor your progress and speed.

Burn calories

Using the elliptical machine can burn a great number of calories. If your weight is 125 lbs., you will be able to burn 270 calories just in 30 minutes workout. If weight is 155 lbs then burn 335 calories, burns 400 calories if weight is 185 lbs. and you will be able to burn 432 calories if your weight is 200 lbs.

Weight loss

½-1 lb. weight loss per week is safe. Also, it decreases the passivity of regaining weight. If you are an overweight person then up to 2 lbs per week is safe for you. You can lose a significant number of weight exercising on the elliptical machine to maintain the routine.

Allows multitask

Many people get bored while exercising on the elliptical machine for a long time. Some machine comes with multitasking facilities. You can watch your favorite TV shows during exercising on the elliptical machine. Besides, it allows you to read novels or newspapers at the same time. Even, some machine offers you to play audiobook or music while exercising.

Use small space

If you have a small apartment, don’t need to worry about the place of the elliptical machine. Some machine requires a very small space. So, you don’t need much space to use the machine. They fit in the room corner easily. Also, after using, you can fit under the desk.

Increase aerobic capacity

It is possible to increase cardio and stamina capacity by just exercising on elliptical machine 25-30 minutes a day and 3-4 times a week. Besides, you will feel more fit and active all over the day.

Improve balance

The elliptical machine improves mobility. Many hospitals recommend using this machine after ACL surgery because it helps to hip motion regain. You can adjust exercise depending on the level of injury.

Verdict Of How To Use An Elliptical Machine

The above tips are for general elliptical machine usage. You should learn manufacturer instructions given with your machine. Because there are a lot of differences between different models and brands. The price of the elliptical machine is a major fact. You will get some elliptical under 1000 and some best elliptical under 500.

Depending on price, the functionality, safety features, etc. will be different. So, read the user manual of your elliptical machine carefully. Otherwise, incorrect use of the elliptical machine does not provide you a proper result.

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