Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 Review

An inversion table can act as a life savior to the back and neck pain patient or to a person who is struggling with being overweight. The inversion table works wonderfully with people of those problems. The inversion therapy works with the help of gravity pressure and it creates a whole stretch to the spinal area. An inversion table is also great for releasing stress, improving posture, and controlling heart rate. The Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 is a high inversion table.

This table is quite different from the other tables in its appearance and feature. This table is designed to cure the patient and it has all the facilities to complete its purpose. This Hang Ups Inversion Table gives a total stretch to the body and increases the heartbeat to fasten the weight loss process.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table

The inversion table is easy to use and secure. It has minimal chance of an accident during the inversion therapy. The price of this table is not so high. Overall this is a fantastic table.

Teeter EP-560 Reviews

Steel frame structure

In an inversion table, a strong frame is a primary element. The frame is the most crucial part of an inversion table. The structure of this inversion table is made of steel. Steel is the best type of material to use in an inversion table.

The steel frame gives the inversion table a strong body. The steel frame keeps the table durable for many years. The inversion table is very light in weight due to its frame material. So traveling with this inversion table is very easy.


The capacity of any inversion table needs to be high. If the capacity is not high that indicates that the inversion table is not strong enough and the chances of an accident increase with those inversion tables. This inversion table has a high capacity. Capacity is of two sectors.

The capacity of weight and capacity of height. The capacity of maximum weight in this inversion table is 300 pounds. The capacity of the height of this inversion table is from 4 fits 8 inches to 6 fits 6 inches. This range of capacity makes it usable to a vast number of people.

Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560

Simple arm movement

Inversion tables need to be smooth and easy to use. If the table is not smooth and flexible, then inversion therapy is not possible. The total stretch or the pending position will not create. In an ideal inversion table, the inversion process needs to be easy and smooth. Any hassle during the inversion therapy makes the inversion hard and there would be no success in the process.

In the Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 inversion table, the inversion process is done with the simple arm movement. This inversion table is very smooth with its movement. The table just goes up and down with the slightest movement of the user’s hand. The therapy is very easy with this table. The inversion process is very easy to control as well.

Ankle holder

The inversion therapy needs to be safe and comfortable. In the process of taking therapy if the user can get hurt in their feet as all the pressure will be on the feet. At the same time, the ankle holder plays a vital role in a security system. The ankle holder holds the body completely. In this inversion table the ankle holder act as a security element.

The ergonomic ankle holder in this inversion table makes sure that there does not occur any accident. In the beginning of inversion therapy, the chances of accidents are quite high, so the ergonomic ankle holder helps to prevent accidents.

Easy to fold and carry

The Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 inversion table is mostly a device that the user needs every single day and the table is a process of therapy to relieve pain. As it is a home device so it should not take much space to store and the inversion table needs to be easy to fold also. This inversion table is very light in weight.

As a result, this is very easy to move from one place to another. This table is easy to fold also and takes minimal space to store. In total, this table is light, easy to fold, and takes the smallest amount of space. So traveling or keeping it in any corner of the house is most likely the easiest thing to do.

Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 Review

Features Of Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560

  • The ankle holder has 5/8″ thick comfort foam.
  • Comes with EZ-Up Gravity Boots which cover a large surface area around the ankle to give the feet comfort.
  • It has color combination of the inversion table is blue and black.
  • The frame of the inversion table is made of steel.
  • Overall Product Weight is 59.5 pounds and the produce height is 86 inches.


  • This device designed to decompress the spine and stretch the muscles in order to reduce pain.
  • Gives total comfort to the feet.
  • Comes with an EZ-Up Gravity boot for easy inversion.
  • Simple arm movement is needed for the control of the inversion table.
  • The device release stresses and relaxes the muscles with the help of gravity pressure.


  • The inversion table needs to assemble.
  • The inversion table does not have any padded backrest.


The inversion table has mostly used the device for fitness purposes in recent times. This device has taken a great space in the market in a short amount of time. The popularity of this table has increased just for its efficiency and it’s easy to use process. Inversion tables are very effective, the use of those tables is effortless also. Adults can use an inversion table. Teeter Hang Ups Ep 560 is one of the good inversion tables. This table has all the facilities of an ideal inversion table.

The most attractive feature of this inversion table is it is easy to use. The flexibility and smoothness of this inversion table have no comparison. The table is very secure also. The capacity and comfort of the table are maintained high. This table is made of the best materials from the market. As this inversion table has all the best elements so the price of this product is a little high than the others. The Teeter Hang Ups Ep560 review is very attractive in the market and in the case of quality and efficiency, this inversion table has no comparison.

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